descenders June 30 Double Peak Ride report

Double Peak Ride Report-30 June 2018

by John Moran

Riders: Jeff, Monica and John

It was a tiny turnout, likely do to the scheduled hilly ride right after the Monster Climbs. The only people at the start were John M, Monica, and Jeff, whom waited until the obligatory 8:08 start time. While heading north on the bike path looping around Lake Hodges, a Descender’s kit could be seen up on the highway shoulder, but the rider was never found or identified. The small group stayed roughly together, with Jeff and Monica waiting just a couple of times for John to catch back up at Elfin Forest and the top of Double Peak. The tiny group also stayed together on the return, until breaking into three solo raiders on El Camino Del Norte, and regrouping at Lago Lindo. The group then split at the start of the three witches, as Jeff pushed hard to get home, Monica stopped to buy a drink, and John took the middle. No pictures, so I guess the ride only happened in John’s alternate universe.

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