HVR & Mussey Grade Ride-12 July 2019

HVR & Mussey Grade Ride Report

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick B, Bob P, Cresap, Garet, Shawn, Sheehan, Eric R, Rick W and Rob

It was a cool morning in PQ when Bob P and I meet at the top of Black Mountain Road. It was definitely going to get warmer fast; hot by the time we got to Ramona. The planned route was Old Julian Highway. Bob and I spun over to the start location where Rick B and Eric were already there; the group formed. Cresap met a rider named Kevin on the way to the ride. He left after the first mile climb of HVR. Hopefully he comes out again soon.

Rick W was a bit behind schedule so he did not catch the group until the start of HVR; he burned a few matches to catch us. The cloud cover was quickly evaporating and heat rising as we spread out along the HVR climb. It was a bright, sunny, hot and humid morning. I spun up the climb slowly and was a bit surprised to see all the guys waiting at Archie Moore Road. I had suggested they head onto OJH and I would get there eventually. Cresap, our newly fully retired rider, came up just after me. Sheehan suggested we call an audible and go to Mussey Grade instead of OJH. Everyone readily agreed. We spun fast along the last sections of HVR and spread out in three smaller echelons, each with 3 riders. We regrouped at the turn to Mussey except Garet, he had to head back for family time.

There were still eight riders left as we started down one if our favorite roads. The pace was too high for me and we split into a few groups, flying down to stop in the shade overlooking San Vicente Reservoir. It was a gorgeous day to be out riding, even if the temperatures were starting to rise. Rick W noticed that I had a flat front tire. Rick B helped me get the tire and tube out. My tube must have been bad since it would not hold any air. We were a bit slow in getting it changed, but Rick W came to the rescue with an extra tube and showed us proper use of the CO2. All back working and we started the climb back up Mussey.

The hammer was down and we were flying up the climb. I held it together until the corner of Mahogany Ranch Road but blew up and watched the boys roll away through the oak lined road. We regrouped at the corner of Highway 67 and heading to Poway Grade. A few guys stopped for water at the country store and the group began to splinter. Cresap headed to SPP while Bob P, Sheehan and I went down Poway Grade. Rick W was out ahead on Poway Grade while Rick B, Eric R and Shawn headed to SPP, way out in front. Sheehan left us to ride Espola Road to home. Bob and I pedaled along Twin Peaks when Eric R came up behind. We rode together until Eric turned onto Bernardo Center for home. Bob pulled me along Camino Del Norte, around 4S and to the north gate of Santaluz; he spun for home while I went to the neighborhood park by Willow Grove Elementary. I was parched and in need of some water.

After a few bottles of cool water, I spun home. Last Descenders ride for a bit for me. Good times and a fun 60 mile ride with 4.4K of elevation. I will be back soon, fair warning. The link below shows the photos from the ride.


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