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  1. I live in Penasquitos, and am interested in riding with you soon. Is anyone planning on riding Breathless Agony this year? I know Rick demolished it last year, but I am just trying for the first time. Are there any Descenders who might not mind a regular 46 year old training with them? – Jeff

  2. Kirk Ryder says:

    Come ride Colorado! 25th Triple Bypass 10,000 ft of climbing over 120 miles of the great Colorado Rockies! If you really dare come do the double – a weekend on the bike you won’t forget. Jul 13 & 14 registration open – hurry spots fill fast.. Great accommodation at Beaver Creek Resort with complementary shuttle service! Would love to see the Descenders at 12K top of the world at Loveland, the decent is incredible!! Kirk

  3. I still consider myself a fairly new rider. I have been riding with SDBC and was looking to change things up. I am not the fastest rider but would like to come out and see what you guys are like. Any information would be awesome.

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