Descenders Ride Report–Saturday, 5 Feb

Hi Guys,

Thanks for another great ride with the Descenders.  The ride started a bit cool as Guido, Bob P and I headed over to Spring Meadow Lane to meet up with the guys.  The larger group pedaled to the start of the ride at Garden Road.  We had a dozen Descenders ready to tackle Mussey Grade and Pamo Road.  The pace up Scripps Poway Parkway was quick, even Dave Voris noted that we were moving faster than usual.  After regrouping at the top on Highway 67, we sped along and around Mount Woodson.  Fortunately for me Dave Ernst stayed back a bit and pulled me back to the group as we got to Mussey Grade.  The descent down Mussey was merciless and I was again blown off the back.  At the bottom we met Ken, a work friend of Bob R, who rode over to Pamo with us.  Pamo was very green from all the rains.  John and I headed up early so we could climb more slowly.  I got to take a couple of photos of the valley and watch a raptor circle overhead as I watched the guys climb Pamo.  We stopped at the gas station for water and reversed our route back along Dye Rd and around Mt Woodson.  Most of us descended Poway Grade.  I sat in the back going 46 mph and watched 5 of the guys scream down towards Espola.  We split again and headed back towards the west.  Guido and I went along Ted Williams and got home with about 70 miles of riding and 4,700 feet of climbing.

The Sunday ride is posted for 8 am at the corner of RB and Pomerado.  I am going to run at Torrey Pines in the am but might get a short ride in before the Super Bowl.  If someone wants to ride about noon-let me know.

Ride on-


Rob and others, 
Here’s my photos. Good ride, looking forward to longer one (Palomar?) next week.


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