Presidential Tour de Soledad, 02/21/11

Hi Guys,

The Mount Soledad Challenge was a fun event.  Oleg can plan our rides any day, especially if we are rested.  He beat us all up by the time we got back home.  I had only 60 miles, 3,500 feet of climbing and very tired legs.  I will up load the photos from today and a number of other rides into the Shutterfly shared site soon.


From Oleg:

Six brave descenders (Dave Voris, Dave Sheehan, Rob Verfurth, Bob Reibert, Len Nathe and myself) commemorated President’s Day the way the Founding Fathers intended – by climbing Mt. Soledad multiple times, as well as going up Torrey Pines, through Pacific beach to Mission Bay to Fiesta. It was chilly (35F) at 6:45 when Len and I left Bay Ho area to ride over to 56 bike path, on the way we met Bryan who was bike-muting to work with a giant backpack. The pace was high all the way, and roads were still covered in branches and leaves from last week’s storm. Also, those 16-18% grade pitches hurt a lot! When we got to Fiesta, everyone, but especially Voris and Bob, decided to pick up the pace and remind me why team time trials hurt so bad! We were doing most of the loop at speeds hovering at 27 mph!!!
I think by the end we were all pretty tired – it was 72 mile day for me and Len, with only 4,000+ ft of climbing, but a lot of it was quite steep. 

You should have come!

Photos from today’s epic ride:


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