Descenders-Ride Report for 5 March and 6 March ride plans

It was another beauty day to be out on a bike.  A large group of 10 riders met at the corner of Blk Mtn and the 56 bike path to head to the coast.  We picked up Oleg and his friend Jose before getting to PCH.  We climbed Torrey Pines Rd and descended down by Scripps Pier before circling back up to UCSD on Calle de Oro, a nice climb as well.  Folks started to peel off from the large group due to personal commitments.  We then headed up PCH to Camino Sante Fe and headed towards RSF.  We took a quick break before climbing up towards Santaluz where we met up with Denise.  The remaining members rode to the top of Santaluz before returning to the bike path.  It was more than 50 miles for most everyone and lot of climbing.

SUNDAY RIDE:  Voris could not make it today so he wants to do an easy ride tomorrow.  Cresap and Broder–you guys up for an easy pootle?  The group will meet at the corner of Garden Road and Poway Road at 9 am.  I may have to drive there due to family commitments.  See you in the am.  Here are a few photos from today’s ride.


P.S. Sheehan is proudly wearing his Descenders jersey for his 135 km race in Japan right now (Sunday).

Here’s the picasa album for today’s ride:

Hi Guys,

We do have a ride posted on the web for tomorrow.

Meet at the corner of Black Mountain Road and the 56 Bike Path for a coastal ride down to Fiesta Island including some challenging climbs up Mt. Soledad. 65 miles, 3,000 of climbing.

We are going to meet at the corner of 56 bike path and Blk Mtn at 8 am and head towards the coast.  We will meet Oleg at PCH about 8:45 am.  The plan is to go up Torrey Pines and down to La Jolla Shores.  We will then climb back towards UCSD on Calle Del Oro and skip Mt Soledad/Fiesta Island.  We will return down Torrey Pines Road and go north on PCH to Lomas Sante Fe and then return towards RFS back towards the start.  It will still be 50+ miles but we will not have to replace our chains and thighs post Soledad.

The ride on Sunday as noted by Dave Voris and Ernst was cold and beautiful.  It felt like a Colorado day of riding without the extra mile of altitude.  We rode up HVR and captured some of the beautiful snow views.  Attached are a few photos.

I will be temporary ride guide for a bit so if you have rides you want to do, please send me an e-mail and the route.  I will post a number of rides through Mike Farkas on the web site soon.  The weather should be good for a ride out towards Pine Valley or Kitchen Creek soon as well.  

See you all tomorrow am.


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