Descenders Ride Report for Sat, 23 April

Hi Guys,

Happy Easter!  I am still recovering from the awesome ride of yesterday.  I got home with 80 miles, 5,600 feet of climbing and right at 5 hours of riding; worth the pain.  The ride group was large with more than a dozen hard charging Descenders riding most of the ride.  We lost a few (Bob P and Jeff C) and picked up a few (Jeff C and Matt) along the way.  We even had Dave Boyle make a strong showing with only 45 minutes warning that he had an open window to ride.

We started up SPP after the group came together.  Bernie joined us on his beautiful new Cervelo.  Geoff charged up SPP ahead of everyone, he kept on point many times through the ride showing us he was ready for Alpine.  As we neared the top, we had another Cresap sighting as he was descending on the other side of the road.  Bob P had to return home so he headed back down.  Cresap pulled a u-turn and joined the peloton.  We rode quickly to Mussey and flew down to the great views overlooking San Vicente Reservoir.  Mahogany Ranch Road was included in the ascent of Mussey.  This was my first opportunity to climb this scenic road that heads east into the hills, a nice climb into the backcountry.

After Mussey we headed to Dye Road, through downtown Ramona and onto Pamo Road.  Cresap left us to head down Bandy Canyon as he had family duties to complete.  Rick got a flat at the top so we did a quick tire change.  The valley is bright green still from all the rains.  We picked up Matt near the top of Pamo; good to have a fresh rider to help push the pace.  The legs were starting to feel all the climbing as we regrouped at the top and then went to the gas station for some needed water.  John, Len and I went out early while the rest of the guys refueled.  John stayed on point as the breezes blew seemingly from every direction as we made the turns along Dye Road and back down 67.  We met up with a Ranchos kit rider who was finishing up his solo 90 mile ride.  Len and the faster Ranchos rider went ahead while John and I pootled back to the Poway Grade.  The rest of the guys closed the gap on us and everyone split to head home from the top of the Poway Grade with some descending there and others returning to SPP.

Geoff and I trailed everyone as we turned tired legs for home.  We saw Rick heading back up 67, probably to catch Denise or get in more hill training.  We saw Voris and Oleg well ahead but could not close the gap.  Geoff and I rode back to Black Mountain via Mercy Road and struggled up one more hill.  It was a great ride.

Cresap has identified many great roads we have incorporated into our rides.  I found a few more roads off HVR to explore.  I also notice that while no one wants to ride Wildcat Canyon with me due to the Barona Casino, there are some interesting roads starting from the intersection of Dye and San Vicente heading east I will also try to explore soon.  They head towards the top portion of Wildcat Canyon, missing the dangerous curve south of the casino.  Some even connect back up towards the top of Old Julian Road.  We will have some new riding routes in the near future.  After Alpine, we will do a Lake Wohlford ride and do a Double Peak repeat to prepare us for the ToC ride.

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s ride.  I have put plenty of ride photos on the Shutterfly shared album.  Ride details for AQC will come soon.

Ride on-


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