Camino del Aguila–done that May 1, 2011

Hi Guys,

A small group of exploring Descenders set out to conquer the newly discovered route that Jeff Cresap recommended.  Sheehan, Ernst, Guido and I met at 9 am and pedaled over to HVR.  We climbed to just past Bandy to find Camino del Aguila.  I headed up first to capture some photos of the guys climbing.  The road went up, down, over some speed bumps, by a pond and then shot up toward the top in a series of steep switchbacks.  We enjoyed the view and continued on looking for an exit strategy, climbing farther and up one significant but short pitch to the very top and end of the road.  There was 50 yards of a dirt road and then we were onto Eagles Crest Road.  There was some debate on which road would get us where but we made it back to HVR, just below the very top.  After a quick walk around a gate, we climbed to the top and then made a u-turn for the fast descent back down HVR.  A quick route down and back to Sheehan’s house–24 miles and 2,400 feet of climbing.  The loop from Camino del Aguila back around was only 6.5 miles.  It is a great alternative to a regular HVR climb in the near future.  Thanks to Cresap for finding another gem of a route.

Here are a few photos.  I will post more from the weekend in Shutterfly this week.

Next weekend we are starting from the North County mall parking lot and climbing the newly reopened Lake Wohlford road.

Ride on-


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