Bay Area Rides: Day 1, Mt. Diablo

My first trip I brought my new Ritchey Breakaway was the trip to San Francisco. I landed in Oakland Airport at 8:30, got my bag at 8:50, got into rental car and drove towards Mt. Diablo, arriving at 10:00AM, got the bike out of the bag and assembled in just under 20 minutes, and rolled off at 10:20AM.

After about 20 min warmup, I started climbing. The fog has cleared 

The climb was beautiful and brutal at times. It took me about 1:20 (including a few short stops to take photos) to get to the top from the beginning of the climb.

Finally, at the top, after a short but painful 22% grade, I got to the summit, culminating more than 3,500 ft of climbing over 10 miles, plus warmup. The descent was quick, the bike climbed like a mountain goat and then bombed the descents by smoothly carving out curves at full speed.

Great day overall, in one of the most beautiful, scenic views that Bay Area can provide.

Views from Mt. Diablo Climb:

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