Bay Area, Day 2: San Francisco, Golden Gate and Mill Valley (by Oleg Shpyrko)

The ride started with taking a BART from Oakland towards San Francisco:

Ritchey Breakaway on BART

Then I was off to ride across San Francisco downtown and across Golden Gate Bridge:

at Golden Gate Bridge

The bike path across Golden Gate was closed so we were forced into sharing the pedestrian path with hundreds of tourists.

The bridge was covered in fog, so it wasn’t the best day for photos.

Then I was off riding towards Mill City, and made it to the road in Muir Woods park (with gorgeous redwoods, as seen below) that would be taking me all the way up to Mt. Tam, but had to turn back as to not miss my flight. Mt. Tam, we shall meet again some other day!

Here’s my Ritchey after climbing Lombard Street, one of the really steep and famous streets in San Francisco:

and another photo of Ritchey by Embarcardero in downtown San Francisco:



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