Descenders Ride-Sat, 3 Sep–Ride Report

Hi Guys,

Great to get back out for a group ride again.  Thanks for letting me get out ahead for the climbs and for cutting the descents short as I struggled to find my legs again.  I only made it through the Mussey Grade descent and the cruise over to Ramona.  Ernst had a mechanical problem back on Dye Road so I quickly volunteered to head back to help Ernst and cut the ride short; my legs were already shot.  Sheehan, Oleg and I went back to help Ernst with the flat.  We struggled to fix it but were finally on our way home.  The group split at 67 with Oleg and Ernst heading back around Mt Woodson while Sheehan and I headed down HVR.  Sheehan did all the hard work out front with the wind in our faces.  We descended quickly down HVR to Pomerado.  My plan to cruise home via 4S changed when Dave offered a ride home.  We got to Sheehan’s house after a fun ride, looking forward to a dip in the pool.  It will take me a few weeks to be ready to hang for an entire Descenders ride.

Here are a few photos.  I will get the rest posted to the Shutterfly album.  

See you riding soon-


We had at least 13 (?) riders come out today – August is behind us and a lot of Descenders are getting back in cycling mode. Many descenders, myself included, missed many weeks of rides, it was nice to be back in the “peloton”!
We were slowed by a few flats, as well as the heat (I saw 92F in Ramona), but otherwise it was a very enjoyable, fast ride, as always.
Here’s the photos (the proof that this ride DID happen!):

You should have come,

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