Oct 22 Descenders Ride Report–Mussey and Pamo

Hi Guys,

Looks like we had lots of guys riding all over the place this past weekend.  Rick and Mike F were out in Kitchen Creek.  Oleg was still riding in Spain according to his Strava posts.  Sheehan was returning from Costa Rica for business and got in a Sunday ride.  We got cameo appearances from Bob R and Dave Ernst for our Sat group ride.

The group met at Voris’ house to start the ride.  Bob R swung by on a short solo ride while he is still recovering from his shoulder separation injury. Bob P brought out a new rider, Channing Hamlet.  He is a triathlete who is considering joining the Descenders.  We rode over to Garden Road and met up with Dan S and Dave Ernst.  Ernst showed up with some continuous shifting bike that looked like a MTB bike with no front or rear shock.  It looked like a single speed.  Ernst tried to explain that his buddy invented the bike and how it worked, it mostly went over my head.  We started heading up Sycamore Canyon Road, less than a mile from the start, when the pedal came off of Ernst’s bike.  The remaining group consisted of Voris, Guido, Dan , Bob P, John, Channing and me.

The pace up SPP and along 67 was reasonable but by the time we got to Mussey only Voris, Guido, Dan and me were left.  The four of us were out ahead of the other 3 guys on the descent of Mussey.  I stayed in the back of the small group and watched the three of them rotate towards the bottom of Mussey Grade.  There was a moments thought to climb Mahogany Ranch but we decided not to do it since Pamo lay ahead.  I must have communicated incorrectly to Channing and John because they swung up MR on their climb out of Mussey.  We got to the top of Mussey and Voris did not want to stop ride while waiting for Channing and John.  He and Guido decided to “go slow” along Dye Road.  Bob went back to get the guys while Dan and I caught our breath.  We finally regrouped and headed for Dye Road.  In a vain effort to catch Voris and Guido, I pulled the length of Dye and through Ramona over the Pamo Road.  It was like trying to catch a ghost, they never came into view.  I descended down Pamo and before the end of the road, Guido and Voris were returning back up.  We all turned back and looped to the top of Pamo, regrouping back at the Chevron.  There were numerous flats to fix as we knew there were thorns along the roads.  Three bikes needed repairs.

We looped back along Dye Road and the group split at Highland Valley Road.  Voris, Guido and I went down HVR while the rest of the guys returned behind Mt Woodson.  Big mistake on my part.  I was already tried from the pulls trying to catch those guys earlier.  Voris said he and Guido would keep a “steady pace” while I hung onto their wheel.  I suffered but hung on until the steep descent.  My rear wheel started to slip on the turns so I had to slow to check my tires.  The rear was very low so we gave it some air and we were back on the descent.  I suffered until we got to Pomerado and called it quits.  According to Strava, I put in a personal best down HVR.  No kidding!  All you have to do is try to stay on the wheel of Voris and Guido and you will go fast.  I decided to pootle home via 4S and behind Black Mountain while Voris and Guido went south on Pomerado.I finished with about 75 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing.  Nothing compared to the Kitchen Creek boys, but I was tired.  

Sunday am I met up with Hodges at XC practice by Kit Carson park.  Our kids were running.  I went to a run along the north trail of Lake Hodges towards the marina and back.  I ran into Matt Davis out for his Sunday am run.  Hodges did computer work in his car.  I had planned on riding with Sheehan Sunday afternoon but got tied up until late in the afternoon.  I did manage to do the Carmel Valley Loop, past the polo fields and back up the 3 witches, getting in just under 24 miles.  I thought about looping a bit more to get the 100 mile weekend under my belt but did not want to fall in my driveway.  I settled for 99 miles, good weekend.

The group ride is Alpine this weekend.  Hope to see you then.  Here are a few shots from the Sat ride.


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