Ride Report: Oct 29, El Capitan/Alpine

Hi guys,

Looks like it is going to be a great ride this Sat.

We had a fun ride this past Sat as well.  It was the Dave Voris Birthday celebration ride to Alpine and El Capitan Reservoir.  It was Dave’s 49th b-day on Saturday.  We had a large group of 15 riders start the ride from the 7-11 meeting spot, including another Rick.  He is a SD police officer who was not sure he could hang with us–his comments before the ride; major sandbagger.  The new Rick proved to be an excellent rider throughout the ride.  We also had the new Matt join us.  He first came to the Engineers ride a few weeks ago.  The usual suspects were there as well, but no Guido.  Rumor has it he was doing some sprints with the Swami’s group on Sat.

The group headed up SPP to then descended 67 towards Lakeside.  Sheehan had to cut out early so he cut north on 67 to go towards HVR.  Dave S is working too hard these days.  I waited for Dave S at the top of SPP before descending.  Ernst blew around the SPP corner and got in the draft behind a semi heading down 67; he flew well ahead of me.  We regrouped at the bottom and headed over to Harbison Canyon.  Geoff B had to turn around just after El Capitan HS due to family commitments.  The pace was consistent until we hit the descent of Harbison.  The group split into two parts as we flew towards the bottom.  Rick B pushed his accelerator and we all regrouped right at the turn for Dehesa Road.  The first mile or so was fine, and then I quickly fell off the back as I watched the group ride away from me.  We regrouped at Alpine Creek Shopping Center before reversing our ride towards home.

Just past Lake Jennings and on a steep descent before we turned onto El Monte Road, Ernst again tried to get in the draft of a vehicle.  This time it was a large SUV.  The driver must not have wanted Dave on his bumper as he hit his brakes.  Fortunately Ernst has quicker reflexes than me so he pulled right to avoid an up close encounter with the bumper of the car.  Ernst had to get home so he did not make the turn toward El Capitan reservoir,  The group did a nice paceline all the way to the reservoir, except me.  I hung in the draft at the back as the pace was fast enough for my ability.  A quick break at the reservoir and we headed back out El Monte.  The climb back up 67 was brutal as usual.

I hit the bottom of the climb and realized both water bottles were empty.  I forgot to get water at the shopping center or reservoir so I was in trouble.  I saw Dan S and Mike H ahead of me and tried to catch them so I could get a drink.  Dan pedaled off but I was able to bum some much needed water from Mike.  Birthday boy Voris was KOM on the 67 climb.  I got to the top just as Bob Proulx was heading back down SPP.  He and I pulled along with a couple of guys doing the CF ride.  We decided to go all the way along SPP until we hit Springmeadow where we happily descended back to Voris’ house.  Legs were tired after 77 miles and about 5,200 fee of climbing.    

I spun out the tired legs Sunday am with Mike H riding our MTB bikes on the dirt trails on the north side of Lake Hodges.  Fun hour or so of riding.  Here are a few photos from the Sat ride.

See you for our Montezuma ride on Sat.


Subject: Nov 5th Montezuma

Don’t miss the club’s first ride up Montezuma.  We will start at the intersection of the 79 and San Felipe Road (also known as S2 – see pictures below of where we park).  Lots of parking at this desolate intersection.  (We won’t do any riding on the 79 – yikes).  
The ride starts with a 5 mile mild climb on San Felipe Road east (with a little stinger at mile 5), and then full regroup.  We will then have 25-30 miles of mostly downhill where we can display our smooth paceline skills as a club on a pretty desolate road (the phrase “mostly down hill” will be referenced in my defense as crybabies point out that there is a quarter mile climbing section with 15%+ grade prior to the final 5 mile 7% descent down to the desert floor).  
At mile 30 as we are concluding the descent (5 miles before Borrego) on Yaqui Pass, we will hunt for water on Rams Hill road (golf resort.  We will then get back on Yaqui pass, spin through Borrego, then start the Strava-ranked Montezuma Valley Road climb (ranked 60 in California).  Strava says 11 miles long 6%.
We will then ride back down to our cars.  Those who have enough time – pie at Santa Ysabel on the way home.
It’s a very cool forecast, with a 20 degree whether drop projected (67 in Borrego Saturday).
Hope you can make it.  
Here is where we park.


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