Descenders Ride Report Dec. 3, 2011 -Elfin forest and Double Peak

Descenders – We had another great ride today. We rode out to Elfin Forest, did Double Peak and explored some hidden, supersteep (20+% at least!) roads behind Double Peak Park – some of us had to jump over the fence, while others had to walk their bikes down a supersteep stretch (see photos below). Then we went back through Rancho Santa Fe, Santa Luz/56 bike path, for a total of 56 miles, with 4200 ft climbed.


You should have come, Oleg.

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Hi Guys, 

We have another great ride planned for tomorrow–Elfin Forest and Double Peak.  Rumor has it that Oleg has one other small climb he wants to add to the ride as well.  I will be riding over from PQ and be at the corner of Black Mountain and the 56 bike path at 7:15 am to roll over to Voris house.  If you are coming to the corner, please let me know.  I also plan to get your attention regarding the Shadowtour TTT event sent for January.  I will be drafting the early team ideas based on who is riding.  If you are going to register for the TTT event, please let me know.  Below are some of the early ideas for teams based on what I know today.  

What: Club Ride 
Corner of Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road

When: Dec 3, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Elfin Forrest Loop with Double Peak: Meet at the corner of Rancho Bernardo Road and Pomerado Road for 50+ miles through Elfin Forest, up the mighty Double Peak Road in San Marcos, and Santa Luz loop. 

See you in the am,


Hi Guys,

A number of messages have already gone out covering the ride overview.  We had a great group ride in crisp and sunny weather yesterday.  There were about a dozen guys riding; we even picked up Matt Davis for a few miles with him out on his MTB for a training ride.  Mike Farkas brought along a young racer, Kyle, who helped keep the group moving quickly.  The pace never seemed to slow as we headed along Pomerado and over the I-15 bridge of Lake Hodges and then towards Harmony Grove.  The paceline was not super smooth in Elfin Forest but the pace was pretty quick.  I blew up heading towards San Elijo and was the last to get to the little town center.  After a quick regroup we all climbed to Double Peak which offered some terrific views.  Oleg then took us on a tour of the ridge trails in San Elijo Hills; super steep sections and fun descents.  Matt Babb and I climbed over a fence to get back into the neighborhood while a few of the other guys had to hike down a section of path.  We regrouped back in town and sped off for Rancho Sante Fe with the usual brisk pace up to Lago Lindo and back towards Santaluz.  I again played sweeper up San Dieguito Road and then the group split a bit.  Guido and I went through Santaluz and back to the 56 bike path.  I finished with about 56 miles and 4,600 feet of climbing; another great team ride and a fun day to be on a bike.  Here are a few photos.

Ride on-


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