Descenders Ride Report for Dec 10, 2011 -Lake Wohlford, Lilac, Couser and Rice Canyons

Hi Guys,

We had another large group (14 riders) turnout for the Descenders ride on Sat.  Rick came with his new, faster, bike; just what he needs!  It was very cold–mid-30’s at the mall for the start.  It was warming up rapidly as we headed up Bear Valley.  Hodges had only a small window to ride so he took off at a spirited pace up Mary Lane with Farkas in tow.  The rest of the group rode at a controlled pace to the climb up Wohlford.  There were Strava points at stake so the pace blew the group apart as I played sweeper most of the way up to Lake Wohlford.   We regrouped and sped off towards Woods Valley while Hodges had to retreat back down to head home. The pace along Woods Valley was incredible with 30+ mph pace flying along in a paceline.  Ernst flew to the front and the pace quickened even more.  As we got to Valley Center the final sprint to the finish had Guido, Matt and others surging to the front.  We cruised up Lilac until Bernie gave us a respite with a couple of tube flats.  We hit Couser Canyon and climbed to the top and then the group flew over to hit the curvy descents.  I was behind the group so tried to close the gap while descending down to the bottom of the canyon.  The guys headed up Rice Canyon while I went west toward to Old 395 for a 25 mile solo ride back to the mall.  I heard the rest of the ride was fast and furious; a total of about 66 miles for the guys.

My camera is on its last legs but I was able to get a few shots.

See you next weekend-


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