Descenders Ride on Sat, 25 Feb – Reverse Elfin Forest, Double Peak Loop

Guys – We had 13 Descenders on our ride today. The day started out on the chilly side with overcast skies. We climbed through Santa Luz in a large group and the pace got a bit more animated as we went towards Rancho Santa Fe. Some riders had to turn around, but nine of us still made it to Double Peak – the sun was out by then and we enjoyed sitting around for half hour before heading back to Elfin Forest. It was a bit strange riding familiar roads in the "wrong" direction. Rotating paceline worked well. Matt, Voris and Keith have pushed the pace towards Lake Hodges and I reluctantly joined them on their "hammerfest". We rode easy down Pomerado, with only Voris keeping me company past Ted Williams. Past casa de Voris I still had about 20 miles of solo riding left, I was beginning to bonk and it was windy, so it was survival pace to get home before things turned ugly. For me it was 87 miles and 6,000 ft of climbing. Photos are attached. (also at

You should have come,

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Hi Guys,

The beautiful weather we have had this week will not completely go away tomorrow but it will be cooler for our group ride.  We will still see the sunshine by the time we hit Double Peak!

What: REVERSE Elfin Forest Ride
Where: 56 bike path and Black Mountain Road

When: Feb 25, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

REVERSE Elfin Forest Loop with Double Peak: Meet at 56 bike path & Black Mountain Road for 50+ miles through SantaLuz, Rancho Santa Fe, to San Marcos, Double Peak, and back through Elfin Forest.


See you in the am,


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