Descenders Ride on Sat, 25 Feb

Thanks Oleg for the good summary.  

We actually had 14 riders.  Oleg is a physicist so 13 or 14..close enough.  I took a few photos at the start and in Santaluz but managed to drop the batteries from the busted up camera; it really is dead now.  I will start shopping for a new one.

The group split when we got to Stud Loop in RSF.  Bob R and Sheehan headed home with their short leashes in hand via Del Dios and around Lake Hodges.  They had family responsibilities.

Cresap and I got blown off the back on the climb towards San Elijo.  We regrouped with Bob P as the rest of you studs headed up to Double Peak.  The three of us did reverse Elfin Forest and down Del Dios Highway around Lake Hodges.  The views of the lake were spectacular.  We trudged up the three witches and Bob headed for home.  Cresap and I headed back on the bike path.  Only 54 miles for me with 4,000 of climbing.  Good to be out on the bike.

Here are the last of the photos from the busted camera.


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