Oleg’s Bay Area Ride Report: Mt. Tam and Other Greatest Hits of Marin County

Today I rode Mt. Tam (Tamalpais) from Mill Valley. First I got a bit lost in redwoods near Mill Valley trying to find Panoramic Highway, but instead discovered an awesome narrow, twisty-turny residential road surrounded with redwoods that was rolling up and down and eventually brought me back to Mill Valley. I eventually found the right path to Panoramic and was soon climbing into the fog and by the time I reached the summit of Mt. Tam I was completely surrounded by the fog – I could barely make out San Francisco and Golden Gate bridge in the distance. I descended all the way to Stinson beach and then followed Shoreline Highway to Muir Beach to Tamalpais Valley and Marin City. On Google Streets the Shoreline Highway looked like a busy road with no shoulder, but that road was totally amazing. I also really enjoyed the descent to the Stinson beach, fantastic road!
I rode to Golden Gate – the bike side of the bridge is still closed and it was a total zoo trying to dodge tourists. After a short loop around Presidio Park I crossed Golden Gate again and went up Headlands. At the top of the climb I realized I need to head back to Mill Valley. I stopped in Mill Valley to have a burger and a shake (at Super Duper Burger). It must have been 3,000 calories, at least! I then had a bit of a scare as I frantically ride around Mill Valley trying to figure out where I parked my car – everything looked very different during the day as opposed to early morning. I found it eventually but I will from now on make a habit of remembering where I start my ride from and how to get back. 67 miles with 6,700 ft climbed.
Photos below.




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