Oleg’s Berkeley, CA ride: Tunnel, Skyline, Pinehurst Loop, Grizzly Peak

I brought my Ritchey Breakaway travel bike on a trip to Berkeley, CA. (My savings in luggage airline fees alone over the past 6 months are now exceeding $1,000.)
I started the ride right after 6AM, just before the sunset with the larger than usual moon still out.
After a few miles of solo riding I hooked up with another rider, Joseph from Germany, a scientist working at Berkeley Lab. He took me up to Tunnel Rd. climb to Skyline and then on a wonderful loop, called “Pinehurst Loop”, through the winding roads deep in the redwoods forests and back to Grizzly Peak Road that circles the Berkeley lab at the top of the hill. Apparently this is a classic ride for Berkeley based riders, very popular on Strava. 13 strava riders rode Tunnel climb that morning alone, before 8AM!
Fantastic panoramic views of Bay Bridge and Golden Gate bridge, as well as San Francisco downtown. No fog. Highly recommended if you are visiting East Bay/Berkeley area.
Tomorrow I plan to ride Mt. Tam before flight back home. 


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