Descenders Ride Report for 24 March and ride for 25 March

Hi All,

We had a small group today for the pedal fest up to Oceanside Harbor.  It looked pretty ominous right before the 8 am meet time.  It was super cloudy and spitting light rain.  We all hoped for improved weather during the ride.  The group include the man and wife duo of Keith and Joyce, Hodges, Guido, Bob P, Dan S, Matt and me.  Matt was feeling the effects of his 100 mile ride in the winds from yesterday.  Guido was back after two weeks off the bike.  Bob P was back from his European work adventures and no saddle time.  It was going to be a great ride!

We headed west on the bike path and saw many other large groups of riders as we made it to the coast.  Hodges and Matt pushed down the pedal as we rode along PCH.  We flew nicely through Solana Beach and up towards Neptune Road, just past Swami’s, before heading back to PCH.  Matt steeped on the gas again after Guido put pulled us towards the Carlsbad power plant.  The group hung together on Matt’s wheel.  As we made our way toward the Oceanside Harbor, I saw another opportunity to try to sneak away between some turning traffic.  I pushed hard trying to get to the turn around.  Lots of effort and no hardware as Matt and Hodges easily pulled me in about 100 yards from the end.

We took a short break at the restrooms and made our way back south.  In Carlsbad Village we hooked up with a fast rider on his time trail bike.  Most of the group sped along PCH flying at faster than my legs have been going pace until we hit La Costa.  Guido and Matt continue south with the time trial guy while Hodges, Dan and I waited for Bob, Keith and Joyce to join us.  Keith and Joyce headed south while the four of us headed along La Costa towards RSF.  bob was wiped from no riding and I was tired of chasing Hodges.  We stayed together until the climb up the Three Witches.  Mike pulled me up and then Bob and Dan came up a minute or so later.  Bob spun home while Mike, Dan and I headed for the bike path.

I got home with about 65 mile of riding and just under 3,000 feet of climbing.  A good fast ride for me.

I checked the weather for Lakeside on Sunday.  It will not rain until 1 pm so we have a window of partly cloudy and 55 degrees tomorrow am.  Alpine looking good as well until the afternoon.  I will ride over to Voris house and then head to the meeting spot for an 8 am start.  Hope to see you there.

What: Club Ride
Where: Alpine, CA
When: Mar 25, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday, March 25: Meet at corner of Poway Rd. and Garden Rd. at 8AM. Alpine Loop, including a ride on El Monte Road to the reservoir and back.
Map: Alpine Loop, El Capitan.


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