Descenders Ride Report for 25 March-Alpine Ride

Hi Guys,

A small group met for the planned ride to Alpine last Sunday.  I pedaled alone over to Voris’ house and found Guido waiting in his car.  We rode on Poway Road towards Garden Road and picked up Rick along the way.  Dave Ernst joined us at the 7-11 store.  I looked around and saw only those four guys and me.  Those of you with a short memory may not remember that these four guys were Team A of the 2009 Stagecoach 100 mile Team Time Trial!  As a perennial Team D member and honorary team captain of Team D, I could tell I was going to be in big trouble for this ride.

We took an easy pace up SPP and I stayed in the back while the old TTT team did a nice pace line down highway 67.  We rode over towards Lakeside and met up with Neal.  Great, another fast rider.  I held on but was hurting.  There was a potty break needed after we crossed under I-8.  I took the opportunity to head out and get a little lead on the boys.  They caught me well before the descent of Dehesa.  Guido was feeling the effects of the hard ride from Oceanside the day before so we decided to head towards Alpine and meet the guys as they climbed back up.  Guido cut through on a new route called East Grade Road.  It was a nice climb up and connected to Tavern Road off the climb.  We descended a bit and stopped for a photo before we saw Voris and Ernst coming up fast on the climb. Guido and I tried to stay ahead of them but they caught us quickly.  Rick and Neal came up fast too.  We all regrouped and headed back down East Grade.

The gang did a water stop at the 7-11 near Lake Jennings.  Guido and I head out early and hustled towards the 67 climb.  Rick caught us first, followed by Voris and Ernst; Neal went back another route.  Voris got a flat so we fixed his tire.  We met up with Cresap who spotted Rick gaining KOM points on the 67 climb.  Cresap rode down 67 to mete us and then climbed back up to the SPP light.  We all headed down SPP and then back to Voris house.  I had 63 miles and 5,500 feet of climbing.

Good day and fun weekend of riding.

Have a great time on Dudley’s Dream Ride.




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