Descenders Ride for Sunday, 15 April

Eileen and I joined Mike and Geoff for what turned out to be a 67 mile ride interspersed with downpours of rain, sun and wind.  Photo attached (as proof).  In the photo it looks like the sun was shining,  but just two minutes earlier it felt like we were being stabbed by icicles the rain was so hard and cold.  Good for the soul I am reliably informed . . .


Best Jeff.

Subject: Descenders Ride for Sunday, 15 April


Hi Riders,

I am not sure how many brave souls were out braving the elements this morning.  I see from Strava that Mike Hodges and Geoff Barrall went out to Mussey and Pamo.  I see Keith, Matt and others rode elsewhere or later.  I was up in Valley Center at the high school for a track meet early today.  I finally got on my bike about 10 am and rode on Cole Grade towards Lake Wohlford, then east on 78 as I had delusions that I would meet the guys near Pamo after climbing the Ramona Grade.  The wind and rain detoured me up Bandy and down HVR to Pomerado and back to PQ.  Only about 44 miles and no photos; not sure it really happened.

We will have a group ride tomorrow and hope for sunny skies with little wind.  Since most everyone missed the ride today, we will plan the same route.  Sorry Mike and Geoff.

I will ride over to Spring Meadow and be there about 7:30 am.  We start from Poway and Garden Roads intersection at 8 am.  We will head up SPP.

See you in the am-


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