Venuto memorial ride

All, today we had a ride in honor of Nick Venuto, who tragically lost his life a year ago in car-bike collision. We had more than 25 descenders and friends of the club meet at Nick Venuto memorial site at 56 bike path. (see photos attached). 

Thanks to Voris for coordinating the ride. There were several people I haven’t seen in a while, so it was good to chat.
We rode slowly down to the coast, and I am sure Nick was on everyone’s mind. We turned on La Costa and came back through Rancho Santa Fe. 

Host of the ride, Dave Voris offered one piece of commentary:  as we started up the third of Three Witches someone said “This one is for Nick”. That started a furious group pace led by John Bittinger who held off the group to the light.  He looked back once at the top and said – “For Nick”.

You should have come,

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