Scripps Old Pro Ride Report and Descenders Ride, Sat-7 July

Hi Guys,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday.  Guys were out riding, running and some even roller skating, according to Strava.

The Scripps Old Pro provided a nice 50 mile ride to earn a few BBQ beers.  I planned to drive to Cresap’s house but was stopped by the road closure near Lake Miramar.  I parked and rode to meet Jeff who was on his way to the start.  We met up with John Bittinger and Bob Raibert near the corner of the start.  Jeff headed over to do the group start while we went the other direction.  We saw Bernie riding toward the start as well but he did not hear us yelling.  Bob R, John and his buddy Rob and I rolled toward Carroll Canyon and then cut up towards Mira Mesa.  Our goal was to avoid the hectic surge of riders down Calle Cristobol.  We picked up Bryan Jones and Bob Proulx along Mira Mesa and our small group rode on.  The descent down towards Carmel Valley was very safe with only our small group and a few other riders.  A very strong rider named Rhonda was in our pack and she seemed to know many folks that we encountered along the way.  

We climbed up El Camino Real, crossed Del Mar Heights and spun towards the polo fields.  I was very surprised that the peleton had not passed us yet and assumed they had a late start.  Bob P headed for home at Three Witches.  We headed towards Del Dios hoping to stay on point for a bit longer.  Garet H came out of Stud Loop and joined us on the climb.  The lead ride group blew by me near the top of the Del Dios climb with a second large group close behind.  The second group was full of Descenders–Bernie, Jeff, John B, Bob R, Bryan, Garet and myself.  We all flew towards Via Rancho Parkway.  Bernie got a flat a bit before the turn onto the highway.  Cresap was on point onto I-15 and lead the group onto Pomerado.  About a mile down Pomerado one rider was drinking and hit a bump.  He did an endo just to the front and right of me.  Most of the group rolled on with a few good samaritans stopping to pick up the pieces.  I hope he was ok.  We flew past RB Road and then hit a red light a few blocks south.  The light turned yellow and the arm went up in front for a stop.  Bob R, John and I were near the back so we slowed and then the group rolled through a very red light.  The three of us were abandoned at the light, the large group of 30+ riders kept going.

Bob took some major pulls and John drove the pace as well but we were not able to catch up to the group.  We hit many lights and just after we crossed Poway Road I drifted back, unable to hold the Bob R and John B pace.  I watched them climb away up Pomerado while I rode along solo toward the finish.  I crossed the line in just over 2:30, about 20 mph pace and gave congratulatory handshakes to Bob and John, still relaxing near the finish.  We all grabbed some water and spoke to Cresap who finished in the second group a few minutes ahead of Bob and John  (see below).  Great ride and I enjoyed my beers later in the day.  No photos so you will have to just accept we did the ride–check Strava.  Thanks to Bob R and John B for great ride and pull support.

Comments from Jeff Cresap:  While warming up, in front of the start pen, it appeared that the numbers of riders were less than last year, perhaps the “LA” impact on cycling is finally waning.   Rob and company left a little early via an alternate and safer route, planning that the group (and myself) would catch them at Mira Mesa and Black Mountain…the ride started at 7:07, and I didn’t see another Descender for about 20 miles.  The group started out at a quite reasonable pace (sub 25 mph) across Mira Mesa.  Once we hit the roller climbs down in Carmel Valley the first group was down to about 50 riders.  Rolling through Fairbanks was quite reasonable, everybody knew that the climbs before Del Dios, and Del Dios were just ahead….I was just able to maintain contract with the back of the lead group to  bottom of the Del Dios climb.  At least in the front group everybody was riding pretty safe.  The climb split the group in half, and I found myself at the front of the second group, but out of nowhere I saw several Descenders… (not sure exactly where or how).  Next thing I’m sitting on Bernie”s  and several other Descenders who surged and are now dropping the second group riders like a bad check.  I was deep into the HRM red zone, before the right turn onto Via Rancho Parkway, on VRP it got still harder, but then the pace eased a hair just in the nick of time.  The first group got stopped by the light on VRP, but our chase group didn’t and we caught the first group riders at the light.   I just rolled with the first group until the bottom of the climb up Pomerado, at which time the climbers once again rolled off the front, and I was back in the second group for the rest of the ride. 

 We have a Saturday Descenders group ride planned.  It is one of our beauties in north county.

What: Lake Wohlford
Where: North County Mall

When: Jul 7, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Description: Lake Wohlford, Couser Canyon (Rice Canyon Optional):
We will ride to Lake Wohlford and to Lilac through Couser Canyon (option: Rice Canyon), return down Old 395. Meet at North County Mall at 8AM
Map: Lake Wohlford to Lilac, Couser Canyon

Hope to see many of you on Sat.

Ride on-


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