Ride Report for Sept 22, 2012: Mussey and Pamo

Descenders, today we rode towards Ramona, featuring Mussey and Pamo Roads – descenders classic!

I counted at least 13 riders. At the start in Poway we had an amazingly gorgeous cloud cover that soon disappeared. We climbed Scripps Poway together as a group, and then motored up and down 67 and down Mussey, often breaking into small breakaway/chasing groups. James Wingert, who joined descenders for the first time, set KOMs up Mussey and up Pamo, congrats – an amazing solo effort!
Since this was a taper ride in preparation for Tour de Poway next Sunday, many riders turned around after Mussey and bypassed Pamo.
On the way up Mussey I had a slow leak in my rear tire, despite my best efforts I couldn’t track down the source – and by the time we got to Ramona I had another slow leak, in my second tube now. Double-flat, which was frustrating. Thanks to Voris for lending me his pump and an extra tube to trouble-shoot it. Of course as soon as Voris gave me the pump, he had a flat himself down in Pamo Valley, in perfect accordance with Murphy’s Law. 
Other than that, it was a great ride. You should have come!
Photos attached, and also here:


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