Mussey and Pamo Group Ride–22 Sep 2012–Ride Report

Mussey and Pamo Ride Report

22 September 2012
by Rob Verfurth

The planned ride was a favorite–Mussey and Pamo.  I met Chad on the 56 bike path and we pedaled over to Spring Meadow.  We picked up Proulx, Voris, Jeff S, Oleg, Rick and a new rider, James Wingert.  James told us he worked in Oleg’s physics lab and had recently moved from the San Fran area.  This was all correct, now for the rest of the story.  James worked at a Mike’s Bike shop in Berkely and raced bikes.  His team won the N. CA title this past season, he was no ordinary guy.  Are all these physics guys great riders?  My ranking in the GC continues to fall with each new Descenders member.  Rick was delivery boy for gear purchased by Bob and Jeff.  He gave out the jersey and shorts, then we headed over to 7-11 to start the group ride.

Everyone else met us on Poway Road.  We picked up Bob R, Frankie, Garet, Yi-Shiou, Cresap and Sheehan.  We had a large group of 13 as we headed down Garden Road.  Sheehan snuck away early to get a lead up SPP.  I took off after him but stopped to take a photo of the group riding up Sycamore Canyon.  We stayed mostly as a group up SPP and along 67 around Mt Woodson.  The group split a bit and then reformed heading to the turn of Mussey.  James got on point with Oleg right behind.  We flew along at 29 mph+ with James pulling for over a mile, he is no ordinary rider.  The descent down Mussy was not as a single group but a number of smaller and still fast clusters.  Bob R took the new KOM for Mussey descent.  He eclipsed the old KOM held by Matt B and me by 2 seconds.  We regrouped at the bottom and climbed back up Mussey.  Oleg got a flat while James took the KOM, fast riding.

At the top of Mussey, Rick and Bob P headed back towards home while the rest of us cruised along Dye Road.  Sheehan had to turn around at the end of Dye.  Garet had to turn back once we got into downtown Ramona.  The remaining group stopped at the Circle K store for water before pedaling over to Pamo.  Oleg had more tire troubles so we left him there and rode toward Pamo.  Cresap decided to go down 78 to Bandy.  I joined him leaving the group of 7 remaining riders to descend Pamo.

Jeff pulled me all the way down 78.  The road was not too crowded and it was a nice smooth descent.  We climbed up Bandy and went down HVR.  At Pomerado Jeff heading east while I went west over the I-15 and back through 4S Ranch towards Black Mountain.  I got home with 64 miles of riding and almost 3,900 feet of climbing.

Another great Descenders ride.  Here are a few photos.

Ride on-

P.S.  Tour of Paway is next Sunday, 30 Sep.  Hope to see many Descenders there.  Good luck to Bernie and Rick–they will ride the Everest Challenge next weekend.  I think Drew is riding too.  Good luck guys.


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