Bernie’s Everest Challenge Report

Everest Challenge Ride Report 

Great ride report Rob, the Ernst attack is classic. Everest Challenge 
was as the name implies challenging. Arrived late Friday and got to 
ride with Rick for an hour, sign in, have the usual pasta dinner put 
on by the great volunteers including the Mayor, rider meeting, talk 
with Drew, meet some new people and drop the car off at Tom’s place up 
Hwy 395 to avoid the ride back from the finish to the start when it’s 
the last thing in the world you feel like doing after day 1 summit 
finish. (as we passed the riders while we were driving back to Bishop 
after day 1 Rick even feeling very ill managed to say “poor bastards” 
as we went by). Same day 1 route as last year, start at Milpond north 
of Bishop, off at dawn, neutral start then climb up to South Lake, a 
17.3 mile climb then back past the start over to Pine Creek climb, 
mere 8 mile climb, back down to Lower Rock Creek climb which is 
unexpectedly painful for 12 miles up to Tom’s Place where a more 
painful climb for 11 miles up to the finish at Mosquito Flat and 
plenty of food, refreshment. Rick and Drew were both very fast with 
Rick at a little under 6 hours and Drew right at 6 hours. I was at 
7:12, 20 minutes better than 2011. Rick was hurting bad, I’ll let him 
describe his experience, but of course he was a trooper and tuned 
himself up enough to be able to eat a Taco Bell bean burrito a few 
hours later but was in no condition to consider riding Sunday. Sunday 
again provided excellent weather, mild winds, again off at dawn this 
time from Big Pine south of Bishop. 10.4 miles up to Glacier Lodge, 
not so bad because reasonably fresh, in group of 3-5 others in my 
classification, so drafting ok. FAST FRIGGIN DESCENT down Glacier, 
back across 395 to Death Valley/Waucoba Canyon climb, wasn’t bad last 
year but they added 2.5 miles of climbing to it making it a 13 mile 
plus climb that hurt before taking on the beast of Bristlecone which 
can either be considered a 20 mile climb or a 10 mile White Mountain 
climb immediatately followed by the 10 mile Bristlecone climb. Either 
way it’s really bad after the prior riding. I was more ready this year 
but still whined a lot, Drew glided by in the last few miles, riding 
“….for Rick” to retake the lead in his group (and probably beat most 
all the pros and everyone else too). Some evil little grades the last 
couple miles and then the lady at the side of the road made my day 
“100 yards left”. Great food, congratulations and some shared misery, 
then a kind couple from Santa Barbara whose son won the cat 4 race and 
WANTED  to ride back down 20 miles to the start asked if I wanted a 
ride down…aahh. 
Of course In and Out Burger, lots of junk food on the way home and 
back by 8:30 pm. Hoping for more Descenders next year!! 


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