Julian Fall Ride: 10-13-2012

Descenders, we had 17 rides who came out for our Julian Retro Fall Ride today.

A lot of colorful old timey jerseys – many riders looked quite ridiculous, myself included.

The weather was fantastic, not too hot, not too cold. Descenders regulars were joined by Denise and Amy, as well as several Matt’s friends. We also ran into (or rode into?) Drew Peterson in Julian. It’s been a while since we rode with Drew – he rode 130 miles today, by the way…

Plenty of strong riders and many KOMs, mostly by Rick. I think Rick tied his Engineers Rd. KOM down to a second, and set new best time for Banner grade and a few other segments. He did it while smiling, as always.

Photos (a few selected also attached): http://goo.gl/goPRi

You should have come,


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