MTB Explore to 4S and Del Sur Ride Report

Hi Guys,

The Julian Fall Classic was a blast yesterday.  A few of us decided to get a little dirty and go ride the trails near 4S.  Jeff Cresap just got himself a new 29er hard tail and was itching to get out.  Mike Hodges was going to join us and I tried to get Farkas to lead us in his backyard area.  Both had conflicts and could not make it.  We sort of coerced Bob Proulx into joining us since we started so close to his Santaluz house.  Bob, Jeff and I met at the top of the Three Witches in the dirt parking lot.  We could have ridden the Lasardi Loop but decided to explore over toward the bottom of Artesian and try to find a way into the Crosby.  We failed miserably.  

I should have noted that Bob was riding an old hard tail and had no clip pedals.  His seat was jacked up way too high for trail riding and his tires were pumped up to 60 lbs psi, also not good for bumpy trails.  Early in the ride we descended down towards the San Dieguito riverbed.  I crossed the river and looked back for Jeff and Bob.  Jeff came, but no Bob.  We pedaled back up the hill and around the corner to find Bob still working out the kinks from his header over the bike.  He landed hard on the right side of his back but otherwise seemed fine except for a bit of trail rash on his elbow.  We convinced Bob to continue on with the ride after we let out some air from his tires.

The exploring was fun as we rode across Artesian and climbed up into RSF.  We saw the Crosby but could not find a trail to get there.  Eventually we climbed back toward the top of Artesian Road.  Bob started to feel light headed so we stopped and got him a ride home.  He actually had to get a ride to emergency care; likely a broken rib.  Jeff and I felt terrible about hurting Bob and hope he heals soon.

We met up with some other MTB riders and went back on trails near Camino Del Sur and part of the Lasardi Loop back to the car.  It was only a 10 mile ride but we wrecked lots of havoc.

Next time we get Farkas to be our guide and make sure all riders have the right gear.  Ride safe!

Ride on-


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