Descenders Group Ride for Sat, 10 November–Mussey and Pamo


> 11/10/12 Ride Report
> Only the heartiest of the Descenders showed up (see attached photo by
> Rick as proof of heartiness and showing) as the temperature dipped to
> the 50’s and rain was a possibility. Turned out to be pretty nice
> albeit cool with headwinds that followed out and back but Rick and
> Jeff S carried us through. To round out the total of 7 riders were
> Garret (through Mussey but planning to start some full rides soon), Yi
> Shou, Frankie, Jeff from Chicago (very strong rider) who works here 1
> week/month and wasn’t very sympathetic to our whining about the cold
> and the hint of rain, and myself. Cresup made a cameo appearance on 67
> then vanished. Pretty spirited pace overall with Jeff S and Rick doing
> wickedly fast pulls down Mussey. Some idiot suggested Mahogany Ranch
> which was very painful. Barely hang to the pace line/pulls through Dye
> to Pamo, beautiful in Pamo including wild turkeys trembling with
> anticipation of Thanksgiving. Rick, Jeff S and Frankie assertively
> climbed up Pamo where Amy and Denise were descending after starting
> later thinking it would warm up which it never really did. Brief stop
> at Chevron, dragged through evil headwind on Dye by Jeff S then Rick
> who returned to ride home with Amy and Denise while the rest of us
> went back on Poway Grade (except Jeff S who rode on his 100 mile ride
> down HVR to begin return to the coast) through challenging
> head/crosswinds and unsympathetic drivers. You should have been there
> as Oleg says.
> Bernie
> On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 1:55 PM, Robert Verfurth
> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> It will be cool and maybe wet Sat am. Dress warm for a classic hill climb
>> group ride.
>> What: Mussey, Pamo, SPP:
>> Where: Meet at 7-11 at Garden Road and Poway Road at 8:00am for the Mussey
>> Grade, Pamo Road Loop.
>> When: Nov 10, 8:00 AM – 8:00 AM
>> Description:
>> Map: Mussey Grade, Pamo Road Loops, up Scripps Poway Parkway
>> I have high school leagues XC meet conflict but will get out sometime.
>> Ride safe-
>> Rob

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