Sunday Ride, 25 November–HVR and Mussey-Out and Back

Ride Report for Sunday Ride, 25 November–HVR and Mussey Grade-Out and Back

by Rob Verfurth

Liar! Liar!" shrieked suddenly from the now open trap door.
Miracle Max whirled. "Back, Witch–" he commanded.
"I'm not a witch, I'm your wife–" she was advancing on him now, an ancient tiny fury–"and after what you've just done I don't think I want to be that any more–”

The famous quote above was from the classic 1987 movie, "Princess Bride"; one of my favorites.

Liar! Liar! was all I could think of when I showed up at Mike's house expecting a nice easy Sunday ride.  Mike stated in his message, "we are having a gentle spin from my house tomorrow… this will be somewhere between a leisure ride and a spin, which is 2-3 notches above a pootle".  

The day started in thick fog as many of you out riding already knew.  Fortunately I did not roll from my house until past 8:30 am and the skies cleared by the time I pedaled to Hodges.  Sam was a no show and all I saw was Mike and Geoff Barrall, who was fresh off all his great riding up in the bay area.  I knew I was in trouble from the start.  Strava noted a PR for me as we rode up Palomar Road with Geoff on point.  He was pushing me and Mike to hang onto his wheel.  We picked up Sheehan at the corner of RB Road and continued onto HVR.  Geoff kept up the torrid pace on the climb up HVR.  Mike and Sheehan quickly dropped back while I suffered to the Bandy turn.  We planned to ride to the top of HVR.  Geoff slowed a bit so I decided to help us a bit on point.  We both rode to the top of HVR and waited to regroup.  Sheehan had to turn back and Mike eventually came; the three of us rode to Mussey Grade.  We saw Bob Raibert coming up the early part of HVR near the elementary school as we rode toward 67.  He had been out early again racking up the miles.  

Mike took much of the punishment on the descent of Mussey but all three of us took pulls.  We stopped above San Vicente Reservoir to catch our breath and took a few photos with Mike's phone camera.  The climb back up was also pretty quick with Mike doing much of the work.  He dropped his chain near the top and Geoff and I pedaled away.  Mike caught up near the end of Mussey and we turned towards Ramona to reverse our trek down HVR.  Geoff had beaten us up good on the early part of the ride so we felt no love loss when he had to turn towards Mt Woodson on 67 towards home; maybe now I could get the "pootle" ride I was promised.

Mike and I cruised along HVR with Bob, a good rider from Del Mar, we met at the light.  No pootle as Mike again pushed the pace into a heavy headwind.  I was out of water and we stopped at a house for a refill.  A young rider came by us and I was up for a chase after drinking lots of water.  Mike and Bob fell back a bit while I took off to catch the young gun.  I passed him on one of the early descents but he passed me before Starvation Mountain Road.  I caught him again and pulled along the flat section before the next descent down towards Bandy turn.  He was an IT guy from Helsinki who works for Qualcomm.  He told me he does not get to ride enough but he knew every corner on HVR and looked plenty strong to me.  I let him stay on point until the bottom of HVR where we could chat a bit before I stopped to wait for Mike and our new rider, Bob.

Mike came quickly but Bob was well back.  We both chased the young gun and caught him at Pomerado, he turned towards I-15 while Mike and I rode down Pomerado.  I cut off at Ted Williams and spun slowly home.  My distance was 63 miles with just over 4,000 feet of climbing.  Fun ride but not what Mike promised.  He called it a "spritely" pace.  I still called him a Liar!

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