Montezuma Ride report/ Upcoming Saturday’s ride




The weather cooperated this time yielding a near perfect day for the Montezuma Loop.  The traffic was light, the winds were mild, and temperatures perfect.  Several segments on strava were shattered to pieces by our group of 14; 11 guys and 3 gals.  Find picture attached.  You should have come!


We are a little lax in our postings for December.  Next week will be a TTT practice ride.  We will meet as a club at Garden Road and Poway Road 7-11 at 8:00am, and ride up Scripps Poway Parkway, down the 67 to the Reservoir.  From there we will practice our 4 man team trials on this 13 mile round trip course. Please join the ride even if you aren’t on a team yet.  


Why practice?  We can all ride in a group, right? Well, a 100 mile nonstop team race requires a lot of precision.  How do you communicate the pace, skip a pull, keep all 4 together up a hill or down a twisting descent, how long do you pull, how fast can you really go as a team on the flats and sustain it, what happens if one flats or has a tummy ache for a few minutes, can you ride in the drops 1 foot from another wheel at 25 miles and hour?  This is your chance to figure that stuff out or just sit in the back of a hard working group and get entertained.


See you Saturday!


Dave Voris







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