Reservoir Dogs TTT practice report

Hi Guys,

Great ride today and good summary by Oleg.  I was with the larger group of 6 guys that did our TT practice in a much more sane pace than what was described below.  Geoff, Bob P, Yi-Shiou, Guido and Tony (from Chicago) were the rest of our group.  We kept up a brisk pace heading out to the reservoir.  Geoff and Bob P took long pulls while Guido hung a bit behind, watching the group smoothly go through its paces!  Tony pushed up the final hill to the reservoir and we all spun through the parking lot to the end.  After a brief rest in the now warming sun, we headed back west with all 6 guys pulling hard to the end.

The six of us hung together back along Moreno and then climbed back up 67.  We regrouped at SPP where we met up with a guy we passed earlier on the climb.  He had panniers, fully loaded, on each side of his bike and a large satchel on the front handlebars.  The guy started riding from just east of Jacksonville, Florida about 2 months ago and was on his way to San Fran.  Geoff gave him directions to the coast road and then we all pedaled down SPP.

Yi-Shiou split off at Sycamore Canyon while the rest of us road to Black Mountain and rode up the bike path.  Geoff took Tony back east as he was heading back to 7-11 as well.  Guido headed north while I waited for Bob P who had fallen back a bit.  We rode back and split in PQ for home.  I finished with about 62 miles and almost 4,000 feet of climbing.

Another great day to be on a bike and fun Descenders group ride.  We are heading out to Ramona in the am.  Let me know if you want to ride.

Here are a few photos from the ride today.

Ride on-


On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Oleg Shpyrko <> wrote:

Descenders, today we had an excellent TTT practice at El Capitan with
14 total descenders by my count. 6 of us (Rob, Guido, Proulx, Jim,
Jeff S. and I) showed up at Casa Voris (both Voris and Hodges were out
of town but we are by now Pavlov's-dog conditioned to meet in their
cul-de-sac). It was very foggy, with visibility reduced to only 100
yards or so. We rode over to 7-11 where we met 6 other descenders
(Rick, Bob Raibert, Yi-Shiou, Larry, Tony from Ireland and Geoff). We
rode over to El Monte where we met with Neil and Matt Babb who were
warming up on the course. We split into three teams – Rick, Matt, Jim
and Bob were the only complete team today. Our team was missing Voris
(Neil, Jeff and I) but we substituted him with Larry. It worked
amazingly well. Others rode as a slightly larger group, I think. We
practiced rotations and calling things out and from what I have heard
and/or seen things went very smooth. After our team did 2
out-and-backs at what I thought was a fairly solid pace, we joined
Rick's team for 8-person TTT. It was a lot of fun riding at 30mph but
catching on to the fast train after taking a 10-second pull proved the
biggest challenge. It was fast, adrenaline-powered ride but riders
were shelling off the back one by one (I was among the first victims
just before the school). I think only Jim, Rick and Matt made it to
the reservoir dam together, with Bob and Jeff not far behind.
Jim, Jeff and I called it quits after 3 rounds of TTT fun and rode
back to Poway, but Rick, Neil, Bob and Matt decided to do another
round. I got back to casa Voris with 72.4 miles, but Jeff put in a
total of 101 miles in his ride from home and back! Bob Raibert also
hit 100.0 – looks like he had to add some loops near his house to hit
that number so precisely, nicely done, Bob!
Excellent ride all around (photos attached), and as always, you should
have come!
— Oleg

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