Mussey and Pamo Ride Report

Mussey Grade and Pamo Road Ride Report22 March 2014
by Bernie Bogard

Eight Descenders showed at 7-11 on a cloudy, slightly cool morning, moderate enthusiasm was present among Rob V, Bob P, Big Rick, Larry, John M, Hodges, Zach (student/occasional Descender, nice kid) and Bernie. We started by dissing other Descenders for not showing, Hodges tried to frighten the BWR participants then we were off to Scripps Poway Parkway where Rick, Zach and Larry sorted out the strongest of the group.

On to 67, up the grade, a few of us trundled behind Rick and Larry’s draft, Bernie attacked near the top, pushing 116 watts, even hitting 120 watts briefly, Larry held the group back from counterattacking, was heard to say "he’s old, let him win, he never wins". Fun descent to Mussey and down Mussey ensued, Rick and Larry doing the work, leaving Rob off the front for awhile "teach him a lesson".

Up Mussey… you guessed it, Rick and Larry then Zach and Rob V made nice runs at the end. Zach, Rob V, Bob P headed back as Hodges rejoined and we had a "smooth" paceline headed to Pamo where Rick had a very fast descent and Hodges headed off at the end of Pamo saying "Mesa Grande, Palomar, Matterhorn…I may WIN the BWR". Predictable ascent, Larry holding 320 watts smoothly, Rick trailing, John doggedly pursuing. Saw Denise and Amy heading to Pamo as we came out and headed for a brief break at Chevron. Rick and Larry led us back to 67 and up and over down to Scripps Poway Parkway with John heading down Poway grade toward home. On Scripps Poway we saw a green fluorescence on an Elliptigo that may have been the world famous Rick B who we glorified in conversation for awhile and figured he was in training for National Elliptigo Championship on Palomar. Great day on the bike, nice people. You shoulda been there!

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