Descenders Group Ride Report-Elfin Forest and Double Peak

Elfin Forest and Double Peak9 August 2014
by Bernie Bogard

Showing up late to the start because of a garage flat, not sure who was at the start at Pomerado and RB road. By the Valley Pkwy group included Geoff, Voris, Bob R, Keith H, Hodges, LTE, Rick (big), Zach, John M, Larry, Tony O. New route off Valley Pkwy-the right after our usual right then another right on Bernardo which eventually magically came out on Hale, seemed a better option than the usual. Fairly casual through Elfin Forest til the west side hill brought out the climbers. Geoff and Rick were off the front, never to be caught followed by a large group eventually led by Voris sporting a goatee. However he then looked up the hill toward double peak and said "no mas". Murmurs of "wimp" "quitter" were heard among the assembled Descenders. Others carried on, pretty rough pace up the hill by Zach and Larry, no slowing with the turn to Double Peak climb and Zach was off and followed by Larry. Big Rick dug deep on the steeps, Keith powered by me and Tony at the top. A little break, enjoying a spectacular day and the views to match then off down the hill toward RSF, lost Bob and Keith but gained Jeff L. Spirited ride through Rancho, eventually smoothly taken by Larry who also rode away on stud loop though Len who was strong all day, coming off yet another brutal Double Century was around the front. Zach and Larry led us up 3 witches but didn’t catch the entrance to Santa Luz so were gone. The remainder went through Santa Luz for a jaunt with Hodges firing then falling back on the big hill with Tony O finishing it off. Hodges then kept us from going the wrong way down a one way road in front of a Security truck. (somehow surprising to have Hodges be the voice of reason). The remaining group split at CDS and headed home. 63 miles, around 5000 ft climbing for me. Great day.

Ya shoulda been there.

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