Wohlford and Cole Grade Ride Report

Wohlford and Cole Grade Ride Report

Hi Guys,

I know a number of you were out riding yesterday as part of a commute or just a out for a ride. Sheehan has a much more open schedule these days and he has twisted some arms to go play hooky in the middle of the week and get out for some rides. I was an easy mark, especially since my wrist is broken. I said I would ride anytime. We will get out the word earlier in the future so more riders can join in the fun.

I drove over the Sheehan’s place and we planned to ride over to Pomerado and RB to meet Rick W. Hodges had morning work so he planned to follow our route and try to meet up with us on the return segments. Rick did all the work up front and pulled us as we rode over the Lake Hodges pedestrian bridge and over to Mary Lane. We did the nice gratuitous climb and made our way to the bottom of the Lake Wohlford climb. Rick took off so I grabbed his wheel for a few turns before settling into a manageable pace. Sheehan swept. Rick rode to the top and then turned around to go back to ride with Sheehan to the rest stop at the lake. I waited for them and we took off again for Woods Valley.

Somehow I got stuck on point for the first half mile and then pulled off to let Sheehan take over. He hammered and then Rick got to the front. I blew up at the golf course and let those two pull away to Valley Center. We took a quick water break at the gas station before heading to Cole Grade Road. At Valley Center High School we turned right onto Pauma Heights Road. Sheehan found this road looking for ideas to ride. The only issue is the big sign that says "No Outlet" right after you make the turn. Sheehan told us it goes down to the side entrance of Pauma Valley Golf Resort and a gate. No worries. It was a nice road with no traffic for the first 3 miles. We then hit a mile or two of wicked descent and turns with no signage. Glad the traffic was light and some of the descents were even a bit scary. Sheehan and I both timed the exact pace for the Strava segment so we took home 3rd place trophy honors. Rick does not post so he was out of the awards and only 5 guys have posted a time on the descent segment. Might have a good chance to stay in the top 5 places for a long time!

At the gate we climbed over and passed the bikes to the other side. A couple of cars came so we probably could have waited another minute to go through the gate–next time. We rode through the neighborhood we used to when we parked near Voris in-laws house in the old days and exited back to Cole Grade. It was now about 11 am and our idea of climbing part of Nate Harrison Grade went out the window, we decided it was best to start to head home. We turn up and started to climb Cole Grade. It was long, hard and painful, just like all the other times I have climbed it. Rick was again out front and I saw him head back down just as I was getting to the top. I rode to the high school and stopped for water and shade until Rick and Dave joined me. We relaxed for a bit and then rode back towards Valley Center.

We picked up Hodges along the way and rode over to the gas station near Woods Valley. Sheehan and Rick went straight over Valley Center and back to home. Hodges and I rode Woods Valley and down Lake Wohlford before following a similar route of Rick and Dave–Citrus, Bear Valley to the Mall and over the pedestrian bridge to Pomerado. We rode back to Sheehan’s house and then Mike pootled the rest of the way to his home. It was a nice 67 mile, 5,000 climb loop, great way to play hooky.

Look for many more rides hosted by Sheehan while he enjoys his new flexible schedule. Attached are two photos of the view from Pauma Heights toward Palomar.

You should have come,

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