Everest Challenge Ride Report

Lot’s of great riding by all over weekend. Here’s a summary of Everest 2014.

Smaller turnout than 2 years ago, modest outside registration and dinner Friday pm. Saturday was cold and I was underdressed having forgot knee/leg warmers, barely remembered long finger gloves. Route change because of construction led to doing South Lake (17 mile climb) twice with Pine Creek (8 mile climb) in between. Top of South Lake was cold with a dusting of snow off the road the first time and snowing the second time up. Both descents off South Lake were wickedly cold. Day 2 was out of Big Pine 15 miles south of Bishop. First climb to the west of Hwy 395 up to Glacier Lodge (10 miles) in coldish drizzle but no snow, made the descent a little anxiety provoking with drop-off on right leading to oblivion. Then back to east of 395 up Waucoba Canyon (Death Valley Rd) 13 miles, pleasant weather, fun descent then 20 mile climb up to Bristlecone/White Mountain which was a little challenging as many Descenders know only too well. Cold rain on the descent took the fun out of what is usually quite enjoyable. Having accepted that I’m not really able to compete with the tops in my age group made the only goal to finish and not feel too tortured going up Bristlecone, met plenty of nice people including a Poway High Senior Scott, the organizer Steve is a really nice guy. Hope some other Descenders want to go up next year, the weather will likely be much better as this was a pretty early system moving through.


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