Wohlford and Lilac Skive Ride


We had a great turnout for the weekday hooky ride. Some of you have been asking about the new name for our rides coined by our renaissance-man, British chap, Mike Hodges–the Skive Ride. Skive is British slang for avoiding work by staying away or leaving early. The riders all seem to be able to juggle their schedules to make it seem like we are working but are really taking the morning off to enjoy the roads. It was a beauty day but got hot and dry fast. We had a bit of wind too but the dryness was most noticeable–throats were parched.

Yesterday we had 7 riders, a group that consistent of Jeff S, Tony, Jeff L, Hodges, Arlyn, Sheehan and me. Hodges was able to reach Arlyn to have him join us on a ride again. He was a long time Descender and also MTB rider who took some time off to expand his culinary expertise. Arlyn is back into riding and it was great to see him back out in his Descenders kit. Jeff S rode over from the coast to meet everyone at the corner of HVR and Pomerado.

We decided to head to Wohlford for the ride. The group stayed together until the start of the climb. I pulled ahead to try to get a small lead since Sheehan was planning to push hard for a PR. I hit the climb and was quickly passed by Tony who is in superb shape; he rode away from me effortlessly. At the top I turned around to go back to sweep up any others. Jeff L was hammering up the final slope followed by Jeff S and Sheehan, they were closing fast and Strava showed the new PR achieved by Sheehan.

Lake Wohlford gates were closed so we stopped to catch our breath before heading to Woods Valley. Jeff S pulled us the whole way there. He was riding his new bike and riding strong, as usual. Everyone regrouped for Woods Valley. I stayed in the back to watch the carnage unfold. Jeff S pulled us along at 32 mph. Sheehan decided to stick his nose into the wind and hit the front. Tony was the next masochist to take point. We flew along as a group until just before the golf course. The final acceleration by Jeff S dropped Arlyn so I had a gap to close. I got back on the wheel of Hodges and we all flew around the final turns towards the light at Valley Center. Hodges pulled to the front while everyone else eased off to the turn. I set a PR on Woods Valley thanks to the efforts of Jeff S and others–hide and hang.

We all went to the gas station for some much needed water. Arlyn rode from Scripps Ranch so he wanted to loop back. Hodges and Jeff L went with him back down Valley Center Road into Escondido and back home. The rest of us headed toward Lilac. Jeff S was on point. He turned it up a notch and our Thursday Skive ride morphed into a hammerfest along West Lilac and then Circle R to get back to Old 395. We all rode the mind numbing road past Lawrence Welk to Deer Springs. Jeff S headed toward the coast, Tony headed down Jesmond Dene to home and Sheehan & I went down Center City toward the mall.

I had parked near the start and Sheehan had to get home for a business call. We split so I could get more water near the mall. I finished with 50 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing. The others rode longer, especially Jeff S who hit over 85 miles for his loop from Del Mar. Fun Skive ride. Hope you can join us next week.


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