descenders Old Julian Ride Report – December 27, 2014

Old Julian Ride Report-27 December 2014


We had a big group out for the post Christmas. Saturday ride over HVR to Old Julian Highway. At the start on Pomerado we had Dave Ernst, Dave Boyle, Jeff Cresap, Bob Raibert, Rick W, Rick B, Larry, Garet, Claus, Sheehan, Bob Proulx, Rob Verfurth, Mike Farkas (not pictured) and myself. We picked up Tony on the way up HVR for a total of 15 riders.

The pace was quite relaxed until we hit the bottom of the HVR climb. Rick W and Larry took off early and left the rest of the group behind. I hung onto Garet’s wheel for as long as possible, but lost it on the final big pitch up HVR. Bob P turned back at Bandy and Mike Farkas headed back at the top of HVR. The rest of the group met in a sunny spot after the HVR/Archie Moore intersection – it was a bit chilly.

The wind became more noticeable as we headed down HVR into Ramona. By the time we cam to Dye road, it was blowing pretty hard. Garet and Bob R headed home down 67 while the rest of the group faced into the wind on Dye. When we got to the Warnock Sprint Sheehan led out with a sprint and Ernst soon followed. The wind won. Not a day for PRs in that direction.

Rob V had suggested we head down San Vicente, through San Diego Country Estates and then to Old Julian Highway. Unfortunately, San Vicente is undergoing major construction and looks to be a bad bet for at least another year. On the bright side, they are widening and straightening the road and adding new bike lanes. At this point, Rob V and Jeff C headed back.

The remaining 9 or so of us headed back into the wind and over to OJH. I would like to give more details of the OJH climb, but I pretty much just remember staring at the wheel of Rick B or Dave S while Rick pulled Claus, Dave and me all the way up OJH. Thanks, Rick. Most of us headed over the top to the stop sign at the end while a few stayed at the top to feed the horses.

Coming back was different. We flew back up to the top of OJH at 20-25 mph and then proceeded to make what for many was record time down OJH. Sheehan, Larry, Tony and Ernst made very short work of the descent and racked up a few trophies in the process.

We met at the stop sign at the bottom of the hill and regrouped. The pace was moderate until Rick W launched past me down 3rd Street. Fortunately I was paying attention and was able to just get behind him to make it down to D st with an average speed of 34 mph. Thanks, Rick.

With a slowly ebbing tailwind we made our way back down Dye Rd at a steady pace and split into two groups at HVR and 67. I headed down 67 with the main group and headed over to SPP and on to home.

It was a great day to be out on the road. You should have come!


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