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The growth of the coffee rides from within the group has been a nice addition from my perspective. Most all the Skive Rides include a welcome coffee shop break and now, many of the Sunday Recovery rides are adding a stop to relax with the riders and enjoy a cup of Joe. Below are just two of the recent coffee ride reports where nothing has been previously published.

SPP, 67, Old Julian Hwy & Poway Grade Loop-Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dave Voris offered to again host the recovery ride. He suggested Old Julian Hwy with a stop for coffee in Ramona. We had a large group ride up to Oceanside Harbor on Saturday so the turnout could have been low. I was my usual late getting out the door so I hustled down Poway Road, by-passing the turn to Spring Meadow; sure that our host was well out in front of me. As I crossed Community Road, John Downing pulled out on the road. I knew it was going to be a safe ride with John along. He has provided me medical attention on previous rides from my falls. We would make use of his nursing skills again if needed. John and I pedaled to the 7-11 store where Todd Callaway and John M were waiting for us. Scott "Moneyman" Coiner joined us and then we spotted Hodges rolling into the parking lot.

Mike informed us that Voris had a mechanical issue and would not be coming. Mike took over host duties. We had 5 riders from the Saturday Oceanside ride, plus John D, ready for a great recovery ride. He helped keep our pace under control for much of the climb up SPP. We regrouped at the top and Mike led us toward Ramona. We all rode together until the climb up and around Mount Woodson. We sped down toward Dye Road. Our group was not well practiced in pace-line protocol but Mike did his best to keep us in some semblance of rotation along Dye. Mike led us through Ramona to start the climb up Old Julian Road. I pushed the early pace, following close behind were Todd and John D. Todd cruised by me with about 2 miles left in the climb and we kept up a good pace to the top. John D, Scott, Mike and John M joined us before we turned around to head back to town.

The planned coffee stop was at Packard’s, the same coffee shop that Hodges, Geoff and I visited a few years ago on a brutally cold, wet and rainy Mussey Grade ride. That day we wrung out our socks and drank coffee to regain warmth in our toes. It was a much needed respite on a cold winter day long ago. The ride today, it was just a chance to relax at the front patio tables and enjoy a cup of coffee. The owner of Packards remembered Mike when he retold the story of our previous visit. I wonder if it was the accent that was familiar or just the constant chatter Mike provided that rang a bell. We all sat outside and had some good conversation about cycling…what else would you expect?

The ride back out of town was another junior league pace line along Dye Road before hitting 67. John M fell back a bit but the rest of us hammered to Poway Grade. Hodges continued toward SPP while Todd, John, Scott and I floored it down Poway Grade. Scott turned toward home when we hit Espola, John turned at Community while Todd and I rode toward Ted Williams. Todd pushed the pace until he exited near Carmel Mountain Country Club so I could then throttle back and pootle towards home. A nice 65 mile recovery ride with 4,300 of climbing and one coffee break.

Swami’s Coffee Shop & RSF Loop–Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It was likely going to be my last day to ride the Cervelo for the year. Bob Proulx and I planned to head to the coast. I was doing some work from my home office so Bob rode over to meet me at my house. We cruised along the 56 bike path toward the coast. We turned north on Portofino and then Mango to get up to Del Mar Highlands. We cruised the neighborhoods in Del Mar and dropped out along PCH, heading north all the way to Swami’s Cafe. The rains were supposed to come later in the day so we felt fortunate to be able to ride in late December and sit out on the patio sipping a nice cup of coffee; a great way to end the year.

We eventually persuaded each other to get back on the bike to head home. At the Cardiff Kook we turned onto Manchester and made our way toward RSF. We cruised by the San Dieguito County Park and made our way to the 3 Witches climb. The pace slowed as we rolled up into Santaluz and Bob pedaled for home while I exited the South Gate and pootled back to my house. A fun 36 mile loop, 2,00 feet of climbing and coffee outside. I look forward to more coffee rides this coming year.


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