descenders Ride report for the off-road Sunday (1/18) Recovery Ride.

Sunday Off-Road Recovery ride report
(By Bryan Jones)

After many past discussions between myself and Rob V., we finally managed to replace a Sunday "Recovery Ride" with an off-road ride (intending to be off-road, not just happening because of M. Hodges’ will and cajoling). Maybe the tipping point was my new bike that had just been completed two days prior :). Five of us braved the somewhat nippy, but soon to be perfect, temperature, meeting at Canyonside Park – Hodges, Rob V., Jeff Cresap, myself, and Mike Farkas:

After a brief assessment of how long each of us had, a route to the Torrey Pines Loop Trail was settled on, and off we went. Along the route, we managed to find one trail that tested the confidence of Hodges, and maybe Cresap, but all survived:

The highlight of the loop towards Torrey Pines Trails, had to be the discovery of a huge hole, where their used to be a trail. Fortunately, a way out was discovered, and Mike F had found, in a 30 foot deep trench, a new segment for Strava.

After the loop to Torrey Pines (and including some pavement – sort of an inverse BWR training ride), the group split up, with Rob and Jeff heading back home (Rob muttered something about Yoga, but nobody in their right mind would arrange for a yoga class during the Conference Championship games, right Oleg?), and both Mikes and myself continued on to the top of Black Mountain:

Fortunately, it was nearly all downhill from this point, and as we returned towards Canyonside Park, both Mikes headed East towards home, and I headed west for a little extra-credit before ending up at home with 40 miles.

To paraphrase Oleg, you should have come (if you have a mountain bike)…

Bryan Jones
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