Recent Ride reports (Sat Coronado Ride, Sunday Yoga, Wed Skive Ride)

Descenders, On Saturday we met at my house for an easy Coronado ride. We had 17 riders. When we got to the bike path by marine the group stretched into a long line and we somehow managed to lose Len, Bernie and Jeff L. when they stopped to help Bernie fix a flat – they caught us by the ferry. In the future we should perhaps take the road shoulder when we get to Coronado strand as the bike path is much more dangerous.

After an obligatory stop at Little Italy’s Cafe Italia for espressos/capuccinos and cannoli, we did a short (and very brisk) loop around Fiesta. You should have come!

on Sunday we met in Clairemont Core Power for Yoga, organized by Erika. We had 13 descenders (including many spouses!). Total class was 14 people, so had we not come, it would be just 1 person yoga class. Class included Voris, Guido, Rob, Ernst, Jeff and Eileen, Sheehan and many spouses. Apparently Jeff and Eileen have mad yoga skills, while Guido and Sheehan secretly practice time to time – but this was first for many of us, myself included. I don’t know about others, but I have suffered and sweated like I have never done before – not even on 6-hour bike rides. My muscles are still sore! Most of us went for lunch afterwards, which was very enjoyable.

On Tuesday Rob, Ernst, Guido and I did a follow-up yoga session in Poway (by candle light, very romantic!). More pain and suffering.

Wednesday Sheehan, Hodges, Rob, Len, Jeff L. and myself did a skive ride. The course sections were called out as we were riding, and most of the time most of us had no idea where we were or we were going. At a couple of moments NONE of us knew where we are or where we are heading! Fun times.
We did Artesian descent (Rob and I were nearly taken out by a deer that jumped across the road in one long leap, right in front of us – similar to the video Tony sent out), a BWR shortcut from RSF to Elfin Forest (aka girls in bikinis location, for those of you who did BWR-2014), and brutal, sadistic (almost yoga sadistic – but not quite) Crestwind connection to San Marcos, which features 30+% gradients (I saw 36% at some point). For various reasons I didn’t bring my wifli 32-tooth cassette, so I was riding standard 39 and 27t in the back, zigzagging most of the way uphill. We looped back via Del Dios, to RSF where we had coffee like civilized people.

Sat Coronado Ride Photos:

Wed Skive ride Photos :

No Yoga photos, even though I think Voris snapped one.

Wed Team Skive Ride:

Saturday Coronado Ride:

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