Pie Day (3-14) Ride report

We had 10 riders today on Del Dios/HVR/Mussey ride (but only 4 completed ride as planned). When Larry and I pulled up at 7:59 to the meeting spot, there was nobody there, not even at 8:01! We even though we mixed something up. But soon we had a few riders arrive (Voris, Rick W., Bob Raibert, Claus) and we collected a few others (Garet, Bernie, Proulx, Sheehan) on the way to RSF.
It was a bit windy on Del Dios, but temperatures were still moderate – it was got up to 96F today, and my Garmin showing numbers as high as 110F.
There was a bit of surging towards the top of Del Dios but at the top, right by the Lake Drive
turn Larry and I stopped due to mechanical – when we got to gas station by I-5, it was just Claus, Bernie and Rick – Sheehan went off to HVR and the rest went home. We had some serious power between the 5 of us and pretty closely matched riders, so we rode steady together up HVR, no stopping or regrouping – it was getting hot now. We saw Sheehan descending on his way back at the top of HVR. Rick W. decided to skip Mussey and went back home, so it was down to 4 – we cruised down Mussey and rode back up – Claus "creaky knees" was going home via HVR and said not to wait for him but instead rode away from us on Mussey and we never saw him again – impressive! Larry, Bernie and I rode back to Poway with some strong tailwinds at times – it really got hot in Poway. Larry and I stopped for coke and much needed ice-cream before heading to the coast – it was even hot on the coast. Nice day to be riding and doing some heat acclimation – Larry and I ended up with about 100mi, but Claus got 105 miles, plus some golf later in the day.
You should have come!

Even more photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/109410926478548321411/20150314?authkey=Gv1sRgCOL5u8b2r9WBnQE

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