Skive Ride–St. Paddy’s Day

Skive Ride Report-HVR, Bandy, Summit & Jesmond Dene Loop

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: K.C. Butler, Jeff Langley, Dave Sheehan and Rob Verfurth

It was St. Patrick’s Day and the call went out to all Descender Irishman to come ride; along with remembering to wear something green. Unfortunately our only true Irishman, Tony O’Gorman, could not make it. We did have Sheehan, who has some Irish lineage in his family tree, KC and Jeff wore green Jersey’s and I went to Notre Dame–GO Irish!

We met at our usual time–8:30 at the start of HVR. KC survived our assault of Camino del Aguila the previous week. Sheehan was again pushing for a visit to Crestwind, but Jeff was not interested in too much elevation. Jeff and KC had just returned from the Solvang ride on Saturday with Jeff braving a windy 100 mile ride. We decided to take our route around Escondido, up Jesmond Dene and eventually make our way to our favorite coffee shop.

It was another beautiful San Diego morning, a little cool for me but warming nicely. We rode up HVR, regrouped at Bandy Canyon and then flew down towards 78. KC and Sheehan did most all the work up front while Jeff and I hid as best we could. We climbed Summit with Sheehan pushing the pace and surging past me at the top. A nice cruise to Citrus got us to El Norte Parkway where we rolled over to the start of Jesmond Dene. The pace was civil but Sheehan kept increasing his cadence up the climb. I blew up before the last face and caught up to Dave as we waited on Centre City Parkway to regroup.

The road back toward town has recently been repaved so it is nice a smooth. The four of us flew along and stopped only at a few inopportune red lights. We were looking forward to an almond croissant at A Delight of France. We sat on the porch and enjoy day, our snack and some good conversation. The ride back to the start had us head down Bear Valley to the mall, over the pedestrian bridge for dried up "Lake" Hodges and along Pomerado. KC and Jef kept going down Pomerado while Sheehan and I cut through to get back to his house. It was a nice 44 mile morning rode, look forward to another Skive Ride soon.

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