Mussey, Pamo & Old Julian Ride Report

Hi Guys,

Great group route planned by Voris. He recommended we add Old Julian Road after coming back into Ramona from Pamo,nice training for both Mt Baldy next week and preparation for the MC trip in less than a month.

There was already a small group at the Black Mountain meeting spot and we swept up more at Spring Meadow. The final count at the start was 19 riders, including a number of guests–Simon Planken, Keith Sherwood, Phillip and Ran. We headed up SPP and started to spread out a bit, splitting as we rode north on 67. Voris had acquired canine poison ivy that was bothering him, so we abandoned as soon as we started along Hwy 67. A large group hammered down Mussey and then back up before more guys split off the route; Todd C and Jeff L headed down HVR while most of the group rolled to Dye Road. The Warnock sprint got really interesting when the rear wheel of Eric R same loose and we almost had a massive group crash. Fortunately Eric regained control and the moment passed. He had to return to home.

We went straight to Pamo and after climbing back up, we stopped for water at the Chevron. Ernst ditched down 78 and we lost Phillip somewhere along the way too. Tony O & Eric G were heading out to Pamo when we were heading to our water break. I thought with Voris out, the OLH addition would not happen. Geoff and Cresap headed back home while Larry, Simon, Bernie, Hodges, Ran, Keith, John M and I went to Old Julian. I was fading fast and rode up to the top alone. At the last turn, Larry, Bernie & Simon were flying back down. Ran had already turned back to get home and John M was back down behind as well. Hodges and Keith went to the end while I tried to get back to the lead group–no chance. We regrouped at the corner and rolled back toward San Vicente Road.

We rolled along Dye to Hwy 67 where Keith and I headed straight to HVR while the rest of the guys turned left. Keith pulled me to the start of the descent when a young rider flew by us. I hit his wheel and he pulled me all the way to the flats. Love those descents. Keith caught me along West Bernardo Road as we headed to 4S. We climbed Carmel Valley Road and turned at Black Mountain Road. Bernie was coming east along Carmel Valley and saw us as we headed south. Keith finished his final prep for the Durango race next weekend with more than 94 miles. Bernie, Larry and Simon each topped the Century mark. It was a fun ride. I have linked below the photo album.

This morning I went to Peet’s to get Serena coffee–Mother’s Day. Bernie was there, mid-way through his Sunday ride. He is my hero, I am still trying to recover from the beat down I received yesterday. See you all at Mt Baldy.


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