Recovery Ride and Ride Report for RSF, Del Dios & HVR Loop

Hi Guys,

Posted below are the few photos I took from the ride today. We had a small group that got smaller as the ride progressed. We started with 8 riders–Ernst, Voris, Larry, Tony, Cresap, John M, Rick W and Rob. We picked up Eric on Camino del Sur as we headed toward RSF.

We flew down Three Witches and cruised along Stud Loop before speeding down Del Dios. We regrouped before the ride to the gas station by I-15 for our water break. Everyone was itching to get going so I bug out towards HVR. I knew my escape was fruitless but it was a fun game while it lasted.

The temps at 10 am were not bad but getting warmer. Larry, Eric, Voris and Rick W went by me about a half mile past the Bandy Canyon turn. Ernst skipped HVR for a family ride later in the day. Cresap and Tony went by me a half mile from the top. I was slowly making my way to the regroup spot near the school.

Just as I was approaching the entrance gate to Eagles Crest, I lost concentration and went just left of the white line and down off the edge of the road, sort of falling into the wall of dirt that lines the road. This is the same wall of dirt I hit coming down HVR with my blown rear wheel last fall. No damage, no foul. I was on the curve of the road and pushed off the wall, turning my handlebars to the left. Unfortunately with no speed and some unknown reason I swung left and then fell on my right side, hitting my hip and elbow. I got up to get out of the road and limped up to where the road widened a bit; blood dripping from my elbow.

My Garmin stopped and then went blank. I wiped off the blood and then pedaled on, even more slowly, to meet the rest of the guys. Eric R was just rolling away on Archie Moore. The rest of us rolled to 67. John M was still climbing up HVR, I think. We separated and I followed Tony to the light where he planned to get water from the fire station and then head back down HVR. I turned onto 67 and chased Cresap up ahead. He kept getting farther and farther away. Larry, Voris and Rick W were long gone. I decided to stop at Mt Woodson Golf Course to get some water. I met Rhonda, a friend of Jeff & Eileen, who was about to climb up the Woodson road. She had ridden from Point Loma, good rider. I limped from my water break, went down Poway Grade and made it along Poway Road, all the way back to my neighborhood.

I have no data from my ride, Garmin is a bust. My right hip and elbow are a bit of a mess. It was a fun ride, about 55 miles or so I would guess.

Below is the information about the Recovery Ride scheduled for tomorrow. It is Father’s Day and my body hurts. I might make it if I get motivated.

Happy Father’s Day to all that fit that moniker.

Sunday, June 21
8:00am Moderate Sunday Recovery pace ride. Route decided on the spot. 35-45 miles, easy pace. Meet at 8AM, the corner of Pomerado and Rancho Bernardo Road

WhenSun, June 21, 8am – 12pm
Wherethe corner of Pomerado and Rancho Bernardo Road


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