Ride Report–HVR & Old Julian

Hi Guys,
Great start to a long weekend. We had more than 20 riders join us on the group ride. I was very late so missed Bob P, Guido, Bryan and Paul at BMR to ride over via 4S to the start. I hustled over and still arrived right at 8 am. Photos are in the link below.


The first group shot shows about 20 riders. We also had Cresap and Garet who missed the photo as well as a racing buddy of Rick B that met us at the top of HVR. We cruised to the climb and ascended up HVR, regrouping just past the school. Ernst was not feeling well so he left us at the top. Hodges was testing out his Ritchey for his Tour de France rides in a few weeks so he was back behind still coming up HVR when we rolled away. As was Scott Coiner, the recent Poway HS grad who is a strong young rider.

We rode fast to Hwy 67 where Bob P, Garet, Bryan and Paul went right to loop back towards home. The rest of us hit Dye Road to San Vicente and then made our way up Old Julian Hwy. The pace out front with Rick B, Larry, Matt B, Voris and others left me in the dust. We spread out on the climb. Hodges and Scott passed me just short of the top. I turned around right at the top when guys were already coming back down. We rode fast back to Ramona for a break at the gas station.

Guido and I left early for some reason and rode back to 67 alone. We tried to get to the Poway sign at the start of the descent before getting caught. The lead guys got us just as we were coming out of the Mt Woodson Road. I hung onto a few wheels and we cruised to Poway Grade where guy split off. The remaining guys rode to SPP and headed back west. Frankie and Cresap caught up with us along SPP. Guys split again at Pomerado and only Geoff, me and Jim (a new, fast rider) continued onto the climb up Black Mountain Road towards home. 69 miles and over 4,00 feet of climbing, great fun.

Some guys are riding the Scripps Old Pro ride tomorrow. I plan to run Lake Miramar. There is still the group ride set for Sunday. See you out there somewhere. Happy 4th!


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