Death Ride Recap Report

Hi all, just a brief ride report re Death Ride in Markleeville last weekend.

Following an easy drive up with an overnight in Ridgecrest Rick and I pulled into Turtle Rock Park to check in. Some puddles, mud and cloudiness were worrisome but only a few sprinkles of rain were around. Big event, bib numbers went into the 3000’s, lots of people but well run, very efficient and friendly folks. After a little hanging out with some nice Elliptigo friends of Rick, got to hotel in South Tahoe to try and sleep before 3:30am wake time. Cool am, clear skies were welcome and at dawn we were off to Monitor Pass (8314 ft, 10 miles), with hundreds of others. Rick blew by me and most others, fun descent to Hwy 395 and back up and over Monitor. Lots of well run rest stops, Rick drew quite an audience to the Elliptigo and kindly answered questions. More perfect, newly blacktopped roads led to Ebbets Pass (8730 ft), another 10 mile climb, then 6 mile fast descent to turn around and climb the 6 miles back to Ebbets Pass. Long descent off Ebbets then a longish ride with rollers and slight climb, fortunately Dave Voris had warned us about this section, and able to hook on with different riders, Then came Carson Pass (8580 ft), no more fun, 15 miles up, 1 period of respite followed brutal finish on the only rough road, ready to have layer of asphalt applied. NO MORE FUN, looking at the switchbacks, hoping for the end of the climb, no more thanking the nice people cheering us on, where’s that final turn? please… please…ah finally, cars parked, turnaround, DONE. 15 mile descent, rough road at first, unable to stay in drops because neck has had it but descending. 5 miles left at bottom back to start, slow but DONE. Rick did amazing moving time of 9 hours 11 minutes, Me at 9 hours 27 min moving time. Two dinners, visit with Elliptigo friends, good nights sleep, long, easy drive back to San DIego on Sunday. As we all know Rick is an amazing rider and more importantly a really nice guy. Great opportunity, No thanks for next year unless it’s an official Descenders outing. You SHOULD have been there.


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