Alpine Loop Ride Report

Hi All,

We had a good turn-out of about a dozen riders meet at the start. The pace up SPP was pleasant and at the top we regrouped. Rick W and Larry were behind due to a mechanical so we descended Highway 67, knowing they would catch us soon. Gareth made his cameo and had to return back down SPP.

After a nice descent we turned onto the segment Moreno Southbound and the group hammered. Claus thought it was a neutral section and tried foul. Boyle pulled me back to the group before Larry and Rick W flew by as everyone flew to the stop sign. Larry is the new KOM and there were many PR’s set with a pace approaching 23 mph for the 2.4 mile segment–flying.

The pace did not slow as we rode toward Lakeside, picking up Neil R along the way. It hammered again along Old Highway 80 and we regrouped before heading toward Harbison Canyon. Sheehan and Boyle returned from there while the rest of us floored it down Harbison.

At the turn onto the Dehesa climb, I told Guido to not wait for me. I pooled up the road while the group rolled farther away. I could see them on the turns approaching Tavern but I was pooped when I got to the top. I decided to descend South Grade Road and skip the stop in Alpine.

I rode back toward the 7-11 store at the corner of El Monte. I saw from the fly-by that at least Voris and Larry headed out while other guys went up towards Highway 67. I was in the store enjoying my free slurpie from 7-11, special for the day.

The climb up 67 was painful as usual. Some guys were in front of me and the others trailed behind, never fully closing the gap. I headed down SPP and back home via Black Mountain Road. I got in 73 miles and over 5,900 feet of climbing. Fun ride, tired legs.

Below is the link for a few photos. See you tomorrow for the recovery ride.


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