Alpine Loop Ride Report

Hi Guys,

It was a group ride to Alpine today, but I did almost all of it solo. I was late to meet the guys so pedaled solo over to Casa Voris. We had a large group of riders there and more when we all convened at the 7-11 store. Lots of the usual suspects were there. We had one new rider, Deke, who joined us today, he was very strong throughout the ride. Oleg came back to ride with us for the first time in a number of weeks. 15 riders set out for Alpine, including Rick B on his EliptiGO. I was soon at the back of the group on the climb up SPP. I rode solo down 67 where we regrouped in Lakeside. Bob P turned around just past El Capitan HS. I managed to hang with the guys to Lake Jennings where we picked up Neil R and then changed our route before we got to Old Highway 80. Rick B suggested we loop around Quail Canyon. Todd C turned back at this point. Len TE had a tire problem so I decided to get ahead knowing the group would catch me soon.

Quail Canyon was a nice wide, smooth road that rose through great neighborhoods parallel to I-8, heading west. I finally descended down Hawley Road and went by Summers Past Farms, the start of the Alpine Ride we do each year. I kept looking back and saw none of the guys so I continued on solo to Harbison Canyon. I descended solo and started my climb back up Dehesa. I had just ridden past the Barona Casino entrance when a bunch of the guys blew by me–Neil, Larry, Rick W, Voris, Tony, Deke and Jim W. Jim was having shifter issues with has rear cassette so he was muscling it up the climb. I was again quickly alone and pedaled solo to the top. I stopped just before Tavern Road to stretch when Larry came back down the road. He and Rick W had waited for me at the top. I pedaled on but was again alone and rode solo to the CVS store where all the guys were getting drinks. Oleg & Len had ridden up South Grade, they were still trying to fix his tire. Geoff B, Guido and Rick B turned back after the descent on Hawley Road. We still had about 10 guys left. Len & Jim decided to pedal over to a bike shop to get some repair work done.

We all rolled out on the return leg back toward home. I was again alone by the time we went by the top of Harbison Canyon. I pedaled along Old Hwy 80 and came upon Deke who was fixing his tire. Larry, Voris and Tony were helping. I kept riding and passed Oleg & Neil who were waiting a bit farther up the road. I knew I would get passed soon so I kept up my solo adventure. All the guys came by me as we got to El Monte Road. We all rode together into Lakeside where Neil, Oleg & Larry headed for 52 west, while Voris, Tony, Deke and I rode to 67. I was quickly by myself again and started to look for the Astana Nibali car to help me get back up the the guys. Nothing came and my legs were toast. I pootled up 67, stopping twice to stretch my back and legs. At the second stop, Jim and Len came up the road and kept going. I was left to ride solo up to SPP and back to PQ. I made another stop for water at the Subway and did not get home until almost 2 pm. My Garmin captured the ride, but it did not upload into Strava. I did a manual entry of 77 miles and almost 6,000 of climbing. I am cooked and will rest tomorrow. Below is a link for a few photos from the Alpine Ride today.

Bob P says he is riding Sunday so look for him at the start of the recovery ride. A number of folks want to do a Kitchen Creek ride on Monday. We will meet at Casa Voris at 7 am and plan to drive to the store just off Highway 79 north of I-8. I will give more ride details tomorrow.


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